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Join Team SunSmart in kicking off the spring sports’ season


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The smell of fresh cut grass and chalk can only mean one thing – the start of the spring sports season. Whether your team plays baseball, lacrosse, tennis or another spring sport, one thing is for certain – they need sun protection.

We want to kick off this season by making all coaches, athletic trainers, players and spectators aware of our Team SunSmart program. The purpose of Team SunSmart is to get the whole team involved in making positive, SunSmart decisions by educating student athletes about the damaging effects of too much sun exposure. Some scientists estimate that a child who wears sunscreen everyday will cut his or her risk of developing skin cancer as an adult by as much as 70%.

Why student athletes?


“Throughout the outdoor sporting seasons, student athletes often are in the sun for prolonged periods of time and we want to help make sure they are protected,” says Steven Timko, NJSIAA executive director. “Education is our first line of defense and with the cooperation of athletic directors, athletic trainers and coaches across the state, we are confident that we can make some significant changes in the behavior of our student-athletes.”

Student athletes can be seen as leaders among their peers. Once athletes begin using sunscreen properly and understanding how to treat the sun with respect, others will follow.

Get involved

Are you ready to start promoting healthy lifestyle changes for your team? Start by sharing the facts about skin cancer and having your team take the following Skin Cancer Risk Assessment to raise awareness:

What is Your Risk For Skin Cancer?
Answer the following questions and calculate your risk for skin cancer.
____ What is your natural hair color?
Blond/Red=4 Brown=3 Black=1

____ What is your eye color?
Blue/Green=4 Hazel=3 Brown=2

____ When exposed to one hour of summer sun, you…
Burn and sometimes blister=4 Burn, then tan=3 Tan=1

____ Do you have freckles?
Many=5 Some=3 None=1

____ Where is your job?
Outdoors=4 Mixed=3 Indoors=2

____ Has anyone in your family had skin cancer?
Yes=5 No=1

____ Where in the Us did you live before the age of 19?
South=4 Midwest=3 North=2

____ TOTAL
10 -15 Below average risk
16 -22 Average risk
22 -25 High risk
26 - 30 Very high risk

Next, we have plenty of resources to get your team engaged and interested in becoming SunSmart. For those of you who are competitive (you play sports, we know you are!) join us in our Team SunSmart social media contest:

Download the playbook (PDF) and sign up before April 18! Make sure you follow our Team SunSmart Twitter feed and Facebook page to get in on all the action. Use the hashtag #TeamSunSmart so we can see your progress and chat with you.

Get involved today and transform your team into a SunSmart team!

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