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About Nels Moulton

At age 50, Nels Moulton suffered a severe brain bleed (stroke) in October 2014 resulting in cognitive limitations as well as loss of all motor function on his right side. A second brain event (and brain surgery) in November revealed 3 brain tumors, and a lung tumor. Diagnosis? Metastatic Melanoma.

The “Road to Recovery” has been very challenging and costly for Nels and his family. Nels’ disability from his stroke removed his ability to work, and care giving needs has reduced his wife Cathy’s income as well this past year. Most recent scans show Nels is responding very well to Immunotherapy at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Fundraisers for stroke rehabilitation have yielded amazing, almost miraculous results. Now out of the trial, there are still significant costs going forward. While insurance through the Affordable Care Act will cover much of the immunotherapy, annual out of pocket costs will still be significant. Physical, cognitive and vocational rehabilitation will be needed for the foreseeable future. Much is not covered by insurance while his ability to return to the workforce is still unknown.

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Enter “Team Nels” a group of friends, family and community organizations to assist Nels and his family in time of need. A Give Forward fundraiser helped cover lost wages, medical expenses not covered by insurance and family support to provide a stable environment for their 11 year old son as this family navigates their new reality. A successful Give Forward campaign, volunteers to help with meals, tasks, care and organizations like the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington, Melanoma Research Foundation, and Live SunSmart Foundation have made a huge difference from day one.

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Team Nels is thrilled to partner with the Live SunSmart Foundation to facilitate this incredible auction so we can help Nels in this next chapter: increased independence through continued rehabilitation, and the goal of NED (no evidence of disease), also know as Melanoma remission. Special thanks to all the generous donors and volunteers who made these items available to you now. 100% of auction proceeds will go to stroke rehabilitation and medical expenses not covered by insurance.

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Among the unique and one-of-a-kind items available through the Team Nels/Live SunSmart auction are a G&L Tribute Series Superhawk guitar signed by Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains; an autographed Red Fender guitar signed by Tom Petty; an autographed AC/DC poster; a 1903 copy of Vitalogy health encyclopedia signed by the 4 founding members of Pearl Jam; autographed director's chair signed by the members of Tool, an exclusive fan experience with Candlebox, a white Fender guitar signed by Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart and VIP package for Heart’s upcoming tour; a jacket autographed by members of Guns N Roses; thrift shopping with Wanz, Grammy award winning singer of Macklemore & Lewis’ “Thrift Shop”; and more. Those interested in previewing auction items, or to make a tax deductible donation can go to our auction page. Bidding will begin on Leap Day, > February 29th at 9am.

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Another way you can help, in addition to bidding on the auction items is by a cash donation. To donate by mail via Live SunSmart, write "Team Nels" in the subject box of the check. To donate online, click below.

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Please check out what Live SunSmart Foundation do to promote melanoma awareness and ways to live a safe and sunsmart life. Melanoma is the most curable form of cancer when found early. With increased awareness, the Live SunSmart Foundation WILL save Lives.

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